Theatre Show Sound Designs

Three Sisters  by Anton Checkhov, performed at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, adapted and directed by Michael Pauley. All orginal Composition by Sarah Putts as well as Sound Design. 

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, a Rolling World Premiere, performed at the Unicorn Theatre in Kansas City Missouri in January 2015. The play was directed by Cynitha Levin, Sound Design by Sarah Putts. The sound was a compliation of traditional Iraqi music, Upbeat Iraqi music, some orginial composition, sound effects, and foley.

Afflicted:The Daughters of Salem by Laurie Brooks, a World Premiere, performed by The Coterie Theatre in Kansas City Missouri, directed by Jeff Church. Orginial Compositon, Sound Design, and creation of drums. The world of the play is swirled in mystery and danger with a very eerie edge to it.