Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

























     Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo happened at the Unicorn Theatre in Kansas City Missouri in 2015. It is a play that takes us on a journey through the mind of a tiger, a soldier, an interpreter, and a madman.  Each has their own story to tell in this grotesque comedy. The goal with the Sound Design was to be able to create an upbeat and authentic world where these characters could tell their story while staying true to the location, relevance, and brutal honesty the play gives to us. 

   Within this world we can hear a variety of traditional Iraqi music, modern Iraqi music, as well as some composed music that was made specifically for this show. To accomodate the need to understand our location, there are many different ambient sounds,as well as the use of some actual soilder and Iraqi sound footage of a raid. I also used ambiances to help us recognize ghosts within our world; since many of the people we see in the play are already dead, it was important to have something to establish the difference between those that are living and those that are not.